In Person Classes


Registration via DISTRICT OF SQUAMISH:
SET 1: April 5 – May 7th, 2024 (5 weeks)
SET 2: May 9th – June 11th, 2024 (5 weeks)

Register via district:
Adult Dance Fitness: fitness indoor 19+
Burlesque: Dance / Burlesque Progressive
Kids Dance Groove: Kids 5-12: Dance
Baby & Me Dance: sign up directly with Soile:

Tuesdays: 6:45PM -7:45PM – High intensity – At the 55
Wednesdays: 12 – 1PM – All levels – At SDC! Sign up directly with Soile
Thursdays: 6PM – 7PM – High intensity – At the 55
Thursdays: 7:15 – 8:15PM – Beginner friendly, lower impact – At the 55

Dance fitness is just what it sounds like – we are dancing yourselves fit! In these classes we dance to different choreographed songs; pop, hip hop, salsa, chacha, bellydance, bollywood, flamenco to name a few. We keep the same songs throughout our 5-6 week set. In the beginning of each set I introduce new dances & styles. Difficulty levels vary from easy to medium level. Depending on the class you take, we also include some full body conditioning (lower body / core / arm workouts) – all while dancing to amazing music.

LOW IMPACT: If you are new to dance fitness and looking to spend little bit more time to learn dance moves and find your groove, this class is for you. This class offers an easy, fun & effective way to get a lower impact workout while dancing (less jumping). We will dance to various dance styles from hip hop, salsa, samba, chacha, flamenco, belly dance, bollywood and more.

HIGH INTENSITY: For faster paced, high intensity class, come get a kick ass workout, and join our cardio class. Strong core, strong body and lots of cardio. You will never get bored in this class! You can modify this class to your own fitness level by jumping less.

ALL LEVELS: Our Wednesday day time class is a combination of high intensity & lower impact dances. We also focus on full body conditioning in each class using various dance techniques like barre (core, lower body, arms). All dancing & working out is done to amazing tunes, so you won’t even remember you are working out. For this class sign up DIRECTLY with Soile. This class is at the Squamish Dance Center. We offer 10 weeks at $150 (Jan 10 – March 13, 2024).

Everyone is welcome; all sexes, sizes, level of fitness and any level of experience. You don’t need any dance experience to join any of the classes, but coordination is beneficial in the higher intensity class which is faster paced. You can switch classes at any point if one is too fast/slow for you (and space allows).

Signing up for the full set is encouraged, we always start the set at slower pace and work on our dances throughout the set.
DROP in are available at $20/class – subject to availability.
PLACE: The 55 Activity Center (19+)
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KIDS DANCE GROOVE April 9th – June 11th, 2024:

TUESDAYS for 10 Weeks
Dance Groove (kids 4-6) 4PM – 4:45PM
Dance Groove (kids 7-10) 4:50PM – 5:35PM

Place: the 55 Activity Center.
Sign up:
Cost $180 – 10 weeks (no drop ins)

This kid’s dance program is a fun and creative way to keep your child/teen active. We will work on basic dance techniques while building muscle strength, coordination skills, increase flexibility, and improve balance. Children will learn about correct posture and body awareness while grooving to different dance styles and music. At the end of each 10-week session, we will have a final dance performance in house (at the 55 Activity Center). This class is for all levels and no previous dance experience is required.

Private Dance Workshops & Burlesque
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We offer private dance parties, whether it’s your best friends birthday party in 80’s theme or you wish to get sassy with your girlfriends and learn some classic burlesque moves and a dance. Get together with your friends or colleagues, dress up, and come have some fun in a comfortable encouraging atmosphere! These classes are for ABSOLUTE beginners, and there is no wrong way doing it!

From Birthday and Bachelorette parties to custom themed events, we offer various style dance parties! Party packages starting $35/per person with min.10 people. Contact for more details, pricing options and to reserve your party date.

Dance Barre – TBA

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High Heels Boot Camp – TBA

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